Monday, June 20, 2011

Fact: Jessica Jane Clement will melt your eyeballs

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 07:42 AM PDT

Oh boy, say it with me guys… Woohoo! Here’s one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, Jessica Jane Clement, showing off her ridiculously sexy curves in lingerie once again for the August issue of Loaded magazine. Now it wouldn’t be fair if I just focused on Jessica’s amazing curves, not when every inch of her body is just as drool inducing. I love her eyes, her killer tats, her luscious lips, her… well, as you can see from the pictures, I think I could say we all like everything about her.

I’ve recently discovered that the Real Hustle has started to be aired on Discovery and good god, seeing this peach as a sexy little scammer in action is a huge turn on. She’s one of the reasons why I love the Brits, and… I like the fact that British lads magazines feature her quite often in their pages. Heck, if I owned a British magazine I’d publish a new photoshoot with JJC every month and I’m sure no one would be disappointed.

Anyways, words are probably freaking useless at this point, so I’m going to shut up now and let you guys and gals enjoy these mind blowing photos.

Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 1 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 2 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 3 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 4 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 5 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 6 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 7 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 8 Jessica Jane Clement Loaded 9

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10 Interesting and Little-known facts about Wimbledon

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 06:17 AM PDT

Strawberries and cream, grass courts, umbrellas, tennis players in white, this is all part of Wimbledon and today the landmark 125th edition of this renowned Grand Slam will start. You probably know a couple of things about the world’s most famous tennis competition, like recent winners or the fact that it’s played on grass but.. we’ve collected some interesting and little-known facts about the tournament that I’m sure you’ll like.

  • The first championship took place in 1877 as an amateur competition with just 22 players playing their best for a breathtaking prize of just 12 guineas which went to Spencer Gore, the very first Wimbledon Champion. I have no clue what’s that in today’s money, but I think it was enough for a six-pack of beer. It was just a men’s singles tourney and 7 seven years later the first women’s singles and men’s doubles began.
  • Tim Henman became the first player in the entire history of the tournament to be disqualified after losing his tempter and hitting a ball in anger into the face of a young ball girl. He gave her some flowers and even liked her face to say sorry after the event but that makes things even more weird, right?
  • Dressing up for the event. Every competitor at Wimbledon must adhere to an all-white dress code giving the impression of simplicity and cleanliness and perfection in tennis. Back in 1930, Brame Hillyard became the first man to play wearing shorts and years later almost ever player was doing it.
  • At the 1968 edition of Wimbledon, the championships were opened up to both professionals and amateurs for the first time, with Rod Laver and Billie Jean King winning the singles titles in that year.
  • The 2011 prize purse for men’s and women’s singles winners is £1,100,000 while the runners up will get £550,000 and semi-finalists  £275,000. Back in 1968, at the first championship with pro tennis players, the prize money was £2,000 for the male champion and £750 for the female champion. Aside from cash, the men’s singles winner receives a silver gift cup and the women’s singles winner gets a silver gift salver which are displayed at the Wimbledon museum for most of the year.
  • During World War II, the All England Club was open and used for a variety of civil defence and military functions such as fire and ambulance services. The Centre court was struck by a bomb and 1,200 seats were lost but fortunately no one was there at the time.
  • For years every competitor at the Wimbledon used to play with wooden rackets until 1987 when the last wooden racket was used. It was a lot harder to win and play really well with that, I guess.
  • Left handers are about ten per cent of the world’s population but when it comes to Wimbledon singles champions, the percentage is even lower. Just nine left handed players, seven men and two women, managed to win the singles titles, the most recent being Rafael Nadal.
  • The country that has provided the most singles title winner in the entire history of Wimbledon is… wait for it… the United States. US players managed to win 33 men’s titles and 50 women’s titles. Britain is second with British players winning 32 men’s titles and 29 ladies titles.
  • Last year, at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, the longest match in tennis history took place between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut with Isner beating Mahut after 11 hours and 5 minutes of play over three days for a total of 183 games. The final set of the game lasted 8 hours and 11 minutes with both players braking several Wimbledon and tennis records. In a twist of fate, both men are scheduled to face each other again in the first round of this year’s edition.

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The cat learned dog so it can insult the dog next door

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 04:49 AM PDT

Cinthia Moura is back and looking hotter than ever

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 04:07 AM PDT

Alright mates, are you ready to kick off a brand spanking new week? Great, ’cause I have a couple of surprises for you! Here’s Brazilian bombshell Cinthia Moura unleashing her drop dead sexy bikini curves once again in the Monday Bikini Photoshoot and.. hot damn, these photos could not have come at a better time.

Why is that, you ask? Umm… because the shoot is called Monday Bikini Photoshoot and it’s Monday today d’oh. I’m glad this peach is back in our attention because it’s been years I think since I’ve last had the privilege of drooling over her mesmerizing curves.

I remember I’ve seen a couple of photos with Cinthia Moura looking hot as molten lava a couple of years ago in Maxim which made me think she was one of the most beautiful girls on the entire planet but then I don’t know what happened with her.. but she went off our radar.

But now I’m more than glad because she’s back in our attention. Enjoy these photos and, if you really like Cinthia, just google her and you’ll be really impressed by the photos you’ll find with her.

Cinthia Moura Bikini 1 Cinthia Moura Bikini 2 Cinthia Moura Bikini 3 Cinthia Moura Bikini 4 Cinthia Moura Bikini 5 Cinthia Moura Bikini 6 Cinthia Moura Bikini 7 Cinthia Moura Bikini 8 Cinthia Moura Bikini 9 Cinthia Moura Bikini 10

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