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Vanessa Claudio is so hot that your eyeballs will melt

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 01:32 PM PDT

Gosh, something happened to the internet connection in our office today, I think it was overwhelmed by the number of photos with hotties we gawk at almost every day and it stopped working exactly when we wanted to show you guys this amazing Latina who goes by the name Vanessa Claudio.

It’s been a while since we’ve last featured a photoshoot from the Mexican mens magazine H para Hombres or Hombre (two months to be more exact) and now they’re back in our attention with another breathtaking pictorial. They always impress us with massive shoots of local girls we’ve never heard of and Vanessa is just another example that girls from Mexico are freaking amazing!

Oh well… she’s not really a Mexican hottie but she’s actually a Puerto Rican beauty pageant contestant who’s currently an actress, model and TV girl in Mexico so.. that means she’s almost a Mexican girl. Here she is totally scorching up the pages of the newest issue of H Para Hombre in a couple of sexy little outfits. That’s all I had to say, I guess.. Enjoy the drool inducing photos!

Vanessa Claudio Hombre 1 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 2 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 3 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 4 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 5 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 6 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 7 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 8 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 9 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 10 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 11 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 12 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 13 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 14 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 15 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 16 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 17 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 18 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 19 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 20 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 21 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 22 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 23 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 24 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 25 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 26 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 27 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 28 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 29 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 30 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 31 Vanessa Claudio Hombre 32

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Aww.. Adorable Kitten Suddenly Falls Asleep

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 07:33 AM PDT

Raychel Frew’s crazy curves will… drive you crazy

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 05:04 AM PDT

Let me just start off by saying that.. I didn’t know too many things about Raychel Frew until I came across these drool inducing photos at our friends from DJMick earlier today. I can’t believe we’ve never featured this drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian peach on our site yet but… that’s all going to change today.

Raychel is a busty brunette model who won Miss Hawaiian Tropic a couple of years ago and.. since then she was featured in a couple of mens magazines around the world dropping every reader’s jaw with her magnificent rack. That’s what happened to me as well and her sweet funbags were exactly the two reasons why we wanted to feature her on our site as well.

Now, I don’t have a clue how old these photos are but I’m sure you won’t even care when you’ll gush over them. So… here’s Raychel Frew showing off her bodacious curves and totally dropping our jaws in the process in these amazing bikini photos. Enjoy!

Raychel Frew bikini 1 Raychel Frew bikini 2 Raychel Frew bikini 3 Raychel Frew bikini 4 Raychel Frew bikini 5 Raychel Frew bikini 6 Raychel Frew bikini 7 Raychel Frew bikini 8 Raychel Frew bikini 9 Raychel Frew bikini 10 Raychel Frew bikini 11 Raychel Frew bikini 12 Raychel Frew bikini 13 Raychel Frew bikini 14 Raychel Frew bikini 15 Raychel Frew bikini 16 Raychel Frew bikini 17 Raychel Frew bikini 18 Raychel Frew bikini 19 Raychel Frew bikini 20 Raychel Frew bikini 21

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Elle Liberachi delivers the best links of the day

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 04:07 AM PDT

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