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Emanuela de Paula is being a major tease/turn on

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 07:49 AM PDT

The lingerie & swimwear bonanza from Next continues with a few quick shots of supermodel Emanuela de Paula showing off her perfect little body in, well… lingerie and swimwear, of course, for the newest collection from Next. This Brazilian hottie is the proud owner of one of the most amazing bodies I’ve ever gawked at and any time I get to look at a new batch of photos with her, my day gets a loot better.

I don’t know exactly why we don’t get to see her more often because I’m sure we’d all love to gush over her lovely curves on a daily basis. She is breathtakingly beautiful and if I’d own a lingerie company she’d probably be one of the first girls I’d think of to model for me.

Anyways, enjoy the hotness that is Emanuela de Paula and her beyond sexy body and seriously… try not to pass out.

Emanuela de Paula Next 1 Emanuela de Paula Next 2 Emanuela de Paula Next 3 Emanuela de Paula Next 4 Emanuela de Paula Next 5 Emanuela de Paula Next 6 Emanuela de Paula Next 7 Emanuela de Paula Next 8 Emanuela de Paula Next 9 Emanuela de Paula Next 10 Emanuela de Paula Next 11 Emanuela de Paula Next 12 Emanuela de Paula Next 13 Emanuela de Paula Next 14 Emanuela de Paula Next 15 Emanuela de Paula Next 16 Emanuela de Paula Next 17 Emanuela de Paula Next 18 Emanuela de Paula Next 19 Emanuela de Paula Next 20

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Gracie Carvalho shows off her totally rocking body

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 06:24 AM PDT

Here’s a Brazilian cutie who totally knocked my socks off a couple of months ago when I first got to see a bunch of photos with her, Gracie Carvalho, looking like a supernova of hotness while posing for the newest collection of lingerie, swimwear and other skimpy outfits from Next.

Now I’ve already gushed over Gracie like a damn fool in our previous articles with her so.. I’m not going to go on about how freaking sexy and perfect she is… nope, not when there are many photos like these ones that are just waiting for your clicks and undivided attention.

She’s not as popular as other well known Brazilian supermodels, but she’s definitely just as gorgeous as any other model from this country and she looks exactly like the Brazilian girlfriend I’ve always wanted. So, enjoy the photos of my future girlfriend, and check out our related articles for even more  Gracie Carvalho hotness.

Gracie Carvalho Next 1 Gracie Carvalho Next 2 Gracie Carvalho Next 3 Gracie Carvalho Next 4 Gracie Carvalho Next 5 Gracie Carvalho Next 6 Gracie Carvalho Next 7 Gracie Carvalho Next 8 Gracie Carvalho Next 9 Gracie Carvalho Next 10 Gracie Carvalho Next 11 Gracie Carvalho Next 12 Gracie Carvalho Next 13 Gracie Carvalho Next 14 Gracie Carvalho Next 15 Gracie Carvalho Next 16 Gracie Carvalho Next 17 Gracie Carvalho Next 18 Gracie Carvalho Next 19 Gracie Carvalho Next 20 Gracie Carvalho Next 21 Gracie Carvalho Next 22 Gracie Carvalho Next 23 Gracie Carvalho Next 24 Gracie Carvalho Next 25 Gracie Carvalho Next 26 Gracie Carvalho Next 27 Gracie Carvalho Next 28 Gracie Carvalho Next 29 Gracie Carvalho Next 30 Gracie Carvalho Next 31 Gracie Carvalho Next 32 Gracie Carvalho Next 33 Gracie Carvalho Next 34 Gracie Carvalho Next 35 Gracie Carvalho Next 36

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One of the greatest mountain biking videos I’ve seen

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 05:39 AM PDT

Jenna Pietersen in sexy swimwear just blew my mind

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 04:28 AM PDT

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never seen this drool inducing swimwear photoshoot of South African bombshell Jenna Pietersen so… I’m posting the damn thing even if it might be a little old because it’s been quite a loong time since the last time we featured this hottie on our website.

This peach is one of the hottest South African babes and whenever she makes an appearance she turns us all into a pack of drooling zombies. Here is Jenna Pieteresen looking absolutely dreamy and quite naughty as well in this photoshoot for Next Swimwear which I guess it’s pretty new since we haven’t seen it yet.

As you can easily see from these photos, she looks like one hell of a smoking hot babe and I’m a bit sad because we don’t get to see her showing off that lovely little body of hers too often.  That’s all I had to add. Time to enjoy these damn sweet pics!

Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 1 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 2 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 3 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 4 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 5 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 6 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 7 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 8 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 9 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 10 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 11 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 12 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 13 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 14 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 15 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 16 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 17 Jenna Pietersen Swimwear 18

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Hilary Duff is here with the best links of the day

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 01:01 AM PDT

Wow, Hilary Duff jumps in a sexy little bikini in Italy, looks damn hot doing so [GCeleb]
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Adriana Lima is back in sexy lingerie – photoshoot for Victoria's Secret [PHS]
It's A Taylor Momsen Boob-Flashing-Stripping-Fans-Makeout-Party [Peeperz]
Vanessa Hudgens. She's graduated and has her degree in sexy… [Gunaxin]
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Mila Kunis accepting a Marine’s offer to join him at the Marine Corps Ball [SI]
Rebecca Romijn was one of my favorite hotties many years ago [Spewf]
Model Shauna Sand Hits the Beach Wearing Next to Nothing [FListed]
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Your Second Helping Of Hotness Courtesy Of Charlie Lane [Caveman]
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