Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jessica Jane Clement totally annihilates the competition

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 04:00 PM PDT

Well guys, I know I’ve posted a couple of scanned images from Jessica Jane Clement‘s new pictorial from the August issue of Loaded a while ago but… I’ve had to post these photos once again because a) she’s freaking hot and b) in these pics there’s no text or watermaks so we get to gawk at every inch of her perfect body.

Now if this isn’t the best way to end another great week then… I really don’t know what is. This might be the most amazing display of female hotness that you’ve seen all week. Sigh.. I love this girl. She’s ridiculously perfect, oozes mondo sex appeal and, as you can easily see, she looks like a supernova of hotness when she’s showing off her bodacious curves in lingerie.

She’s incredible from heard to toe and these photos are just another example of her mind blowing hotness. Enjoy the photos guys, and also check out our related articles for even more Jessica Jane Clement hotness. Have a great weekend!

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Candice Swanepoel & Erin Heatherton workin’ out

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 03:39 PM PDT

No, this is not the hottest workout video you’ve ever dreamed of, it’s just a brand spanking new photoshoot with two of the hottest Victoria’s Secret angels (and my favorites as well), Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton, looking ridiculously cute and hot and all while modeling the newest collection of workout gear for chicks from VS.

Damn, I’ve seen many, many photos with both girls, in lingerie, in swimwear, in all kinds of skimpy outfits but.. I’ve never seen ‘em in tight workout clothes until this day and I have to say I like ‘em both even more. I’ve said it many times before, about both girls, that I think they’re as close to perfection as it gets but now I’m wondering… if you had to pick JUST one, who would it be?

I love Candice and I’ve always said she’s going to be my future wife but gosh.. just a single look at Erin and I’m all weak at the knees. I know you’d all like ‘em both but if you had to pick just one that would be one of the hardest decisions ever. Anyways, enjoy the beautiful photos my peeps and try not to droll all over your keyboard.

Candice Swanepoel workout 1 Candice Swanepoel workout 2 Candice Swanepoel workout 3 Candice Swanepoel workout 4 Candice Swanepoel workout 5 Candice Swanepoel workout 6 Candice Swanepoel workout 7 Candice Swanepoel workout 8 Candice Swanepoel workout 9 Candice Swanepoel workout 10 Candice Swanepoel workout 11 Candice Swanepoel workout 12 Candice Swanepoel workout 13 Erin Heatherton  workout 1 Erin Heatherton  workout 2 Erin Heatherton  workout 3 Erin Heatherton  workout 4 Erin Heatherton  workout 5 Erin Heatherton  workout 6 Erin Heatherton  workout 7 Erin Heatherton  workout 8

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