Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot Nurses: Just what the doctor ordered!

Posted: 10 Aug 2011 01:14 PM PDT

I think it’s safe to say we ALL have a thing for sexy nurses (or.. at least for hot girls dressed up as naughty nurses) and… get ready, because that’s exactly what you’re going to see in this article. I don’t have any health problems right now and I’m sure no one likes to be ill or suffer from something but gosh… I’d surely love to be treated by one of these sexy ladies.

They could check my temperature, listen to my heart rate with that stethescope and I’m even willing to let them give me a full body examination just to make sure I’m ok :) Anyways, probably every girl will have her hotness amplified whenever she’s wearing one of these sexy nurse outfits and they could even slap a red cross on a white bikini to qualify for the same thing.

I’m sure most of you went straight to the drooling part so I’d better stop right here and leave you guys enjoy this massive gallery of hot nurses. Go on..

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Tasha Collins is new and totally drool worthy

Posted: 10 Aug 2011 10:25 AM PDT

Now here’s a girl you’ve probably never heard of, winner of the 2010 Zoo Australia Beach Babes Competition, meet Aussie sensation Tasha Collins or Natasha Collins, a blonde hotness with just the right curves in all the right places to drop your jaw straight to the floor! Gosh, I like everything about her.

She’s a freaking knockout, and after drooling over her bodacious curves, there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s one of the hottest models from Australia right now and… I’m also pretty sure you’ll fall for her instantly! Here she is in a variety of skimpy poses and naughty outfits from different photoshoots for Zoo Weekly looking like the perfect girlfriend you’ve always dreamed of.

I should also add the fact that this cutie is from Australia and apart from looking totally freaking hot she probably also has that awesome Aussie accent that would make us melt like icecream on a hot summer day. Enjoy the scorching hot photos and make sure to remember this girl’s name: Tasha Collins.

Tasha Collins 1 Tasha Collins 2 Tasha Collins 3 Tasha Collins 4 Tasha Collins 5 Tasha Collins 6 Tasha Collins 7 Tasha Collins 8 Tasha Collins 9 Tasha Collins 10 Tasha Collins 11 Tasha Collins 12 Tasha Collins 13 Tasha Collins 14 Tasha Collins 15 Tasha Collins 16 Tasha Collins 17 Tasha Collins 18 Tasha Collins 19 Tasha Collins 20 Tasha Collins 21 Tasha Collins 22 Tasha Collins 23 Tasha Collins 24 Tasha Collins 25 Tasha Collins 26 Tasha Collins 27 Tasha Collins 28 Tasha Collins 29 Tasha Collins 30 Tasha Collins 31 Tasha Collins 32 Tasha Collins 33 Tasha Collins 34 Tasha Collins 35 Tasha Collins 36 Tasha Collins 37 Tasha Collins 38 Tasha Collins 39 Tasha Collins 40 Tasha Collins 41 Tasha Collins 42 Tasha Collins 43 Tasha Collins 44 Tasha Collins 45

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Drifting a Huffy Slider can only end “well”

Posted: 10 Aug 2011 09:58 AM PDT

Candice Swanepoel just keeps getting hotter and hotter

Posted: 10 Aug 2011 09:27 AM PDT

WOW!! Now you guys know how I much I love Victoria’s Secret angels, right? And you guys definitely know how much I dig the hottest angel right now (and probably the hottest woman in the world, if you ask me), Candice Swanepoel, right?

Well, here she is once again showing off her perfect little body and making me go gaga over her ridiculously sexy curves, drop dead sexy profile and so on in this brand spanking new swimwear photoshoot from Victoria’s Secret.

Now if this shoot doesn’t deserve a big “wow” and won’t turn you into a drooling zombie then… I don’t know what will. Candice Swanepoel looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but whenever you get to see a new batch of photos with this blonde bombshell in lingerie or swimwear, then my friends, your day will be a loot better.

So, without further ado, enjoy the show my peeps and try not to drool all over yourselves. That’s exactly what I’ll do in the next seconds as well. Cheers.

Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 1 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 2 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 3 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 4 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 5 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 6 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 7 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 8 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 9 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 10 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 11 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 12 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 13 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 14 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 15 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 16 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 17 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 18 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 19 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 20 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 21 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 22 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 23 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 24 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 25 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 26 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 27 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 28 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 29 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 30 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 31 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 32 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 33 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 34 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 35 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 36 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 37 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 38 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 39 Candice Swanepoel VS Swim 40

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Angela Martini delivers the best links of the day

Posted: 10 Aug 2011 05:17 AM PDT

Angela Martini is a runway supermodel and fashion model from Albania [SI]
Battle of Middle-Aged 'Entourage' Hotness: Mrs. Ari or Dana Gordon? [Brobible]
Not so famous person Elen Rivas got into a sexy bikini while in Miami. [GCeleb]
ChinaJoy 2011 – Gush over 108 Photos Of Hot Girls & Cosplay Cuties [DJMick]

Just stumbled upon this awesome collection of Girls Next Door [InsideSTL]
Alessandra Ambrosio prancing in a tiny Bikini on a beach in Hawaii [PHS]
50 Beautiful Women Portraits will make your day a looot better [Pickmeup]
An awesome collection of pics tweeted by the lovely Jenn Sterger [Caveman]

Ilary Blasi Is World's Most Athletic Paddleball WAG [21 Photos] [Busted]
He Said / She Said: Six Sex Positions That Suck (In A Bad Way) [COED]
Denise Richards is still pretty sexy, but for how much longer? [Gunaxin]
Candice Swanepoel's recent photo set for VS continues [TeaseTDW]

Meet Germany's next top model, the uber hot Hana Nitsche [NextRound]
Monica Keena is best known for her role from Dawson's Creek [HolyTaco]
Even Kate Upton Stuffs Her Bra according to these new photos [Yeeeah]
Girls of The Verona Motorbike Expo are surely worth a look [Unathletic]

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