Monday, August 15, 2011

Alyssa Campanella’s curves will melt your eyeballs

Posted: 15 Aug 2011 07:57 AM PDT

Oh boy, here’s the newly-crowned Miss USA, and not to mention one of the sexiest redheads in the world right now, the uber hot Alyssa Campanella, showing off her perfect little body in sexy lingerie and other skimpy outfits for the newest collection from Nordstorm.

Gosh, I think this is just the first time we’ve featured this red-hot bombshell on our site and I’m sure she’s going to be featured here really often in the future. I’m usually not too impressed by beauty pageant winners but this girl totally knocked my socks off with her amazing looks. She’s definitely the hottest pageant winner I’ve seen for years and I think she’s a big favorite to win Miss Universe next month.

After she’s done with all these beauty pageants, she should do two things: a) start showing off her body more often in lingerie and bikinis, modeling for some of the world’s top designers and b) she should go on a date with me. Or more, because I’ll surely want more of her sooner or later.

Anyways, I’m sure we all agree that Alyssa Campanella is a total knockout and that’s why I won’t even go on about how drop dead gorgeous she is and leave you guys to the clickin’ and drooling part. Enjoy!

Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 1 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 2 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 3 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 4 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 5 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 6 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 7 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 8 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 9 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 10 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 11 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 12 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 13 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 14 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 15 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 16 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 17 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 18 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 19 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 20 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 21 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 22 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 23 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 24 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 25 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 26 Alyssa Campanella Nordstorm 27

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Real and Barcelona draw first leg of the Supercup

Posted: 15 Aug 2011 07:33 AM PDT

The Spanish season was kicked off last night by another episode of “El Clasico” the world’s most famous derby, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, in the first leg of the Spanish Supercup which ended in an entertaining 2-2 draw. Real Madrid was in charge the majority of the game and took the lead early through Mesut Ozil but even though they dominated the first half they went into the break behind after David Villa and Lionel Messi scored for Barca.

Xabi Alonso scored the equalizer for Real in the second half and then the Whites had a lot of chances to score but Barca was saved by Victor Valdes every time. Probably the most amazing moment of the game was in the 36th minute when Villa unleashed a wonderful curler right from the left corner of the penalty area right into the top corner beyond Iker Casillas.

In the final 10 minutes of the game, both sides appeared to have clear-cut penalty shouts turned down: first, Valdes slightly reached at Ronaldo’s legs while he was trying to run after the ball and then, four minutes after this event, Pedro was clearly taken out by Real’s defender Marcelo as he prepared to shoot at goal.

The second leg of the Supercup will take part on Wednesday at Camp Nou with Barcelona having a small advantage thanks to their away goals and thanks to the fact that they’re playing at home the second leg. As a side note, Cesc Fabregas finally signed with Barcelona and he’ll probably be a key player of the team in just a couple of weeks.

2011 Real vs Barcelona 1 2011 Real vs Barcelona 2 2011 Real vs Barcelona 3 2011 Real vs Barcelona 4 2011 Real vs Barcelona 5 2011 Real vs Barcelona 6 2011 Real vs Barcelona 7 2011 Real vs Barcelona 8 2011 Real vs Barcelona 9 2011 Real vs Barcelona 10 2011 Real vs Barcelona 11 2011 Real vs Barcelona 12 2011 Real vs Barcelona 13 2011 Real vs Barcelona 14 2011 Real vs Barcelona 15

[Images: AS & Marca]

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Wow, Jehane Gigi Paris looking so cute you’ll squirm

Posted: 15 Aug 2011 06:36 AM PDT

Guys, don’t even bother asking me who Jehane Gigi Paris is… I have absolutely no idea. But what I do know is that she looks freaking stunning and she sure fills out sexy lingerie quite well. Ok, ok, let’s see what a quick Google search tells us about the uber cute Jehane Gigi Paris.

She’s actually named Jehane Marie Paris and “Gigi” is just a nickname, I guess and… she’s an up and coming American fashion model, born in Miami, Florida back in 1992. Gosh, that means this peach is just around 19 right now which means we’re gonna hear a lot more about her in the future.

She’s been modeling for years for a bunch of companies we’ve never heard of and now we finally got to see what a freaking hottie she is thanks to Macy’s. So.. Here’s this cutie who goes by the name Jehane Gigi Paris showing off her lovely little body for the newest collection of lingerie from Macy’s. One more time… wow!

Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 1 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 2 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 3 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 4 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 5 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 6 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 7 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 8 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 9 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 10 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 11 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 12 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 13 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 14 Jehane Gigi Paris Macys 15

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Here’s the Cinder Block Sledge Hammer Nutshot!

Posted: 15 Aug 2011 04:20 AM PDT

Doutzen Kroes is back to looking freaking amazing

Posted: 15 Aug 2011 03:43 AM PDT

It’s been quite a looong time since we’ve had the privilege of drooling over Doutzen Kroes‘ drop dead gorgeous bikini body and..  that’s exactly what you’re about to see this Monday morning. Pretty awesome way to kick off a new week, eh?

Here’s Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes showing off her tight little body, which just so happens to be one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever had the pleasure of gushing over for the newest collection of swimwear from Victoria’s Secret. Hoochie mama! You have to give credit to a babe who knows she has the right curves in all the right places and loves to show ‘em off for your viewing pleasure.

Doutzen was my favorite VS angel a couple of years ago (and that’s a lot, knowing the other VS angels as well) but somehow she went a bit off our radar while she turned herself into a freaking hot mommy. Now that gorgeous body is back and she still has that mad dash of sex appeal that would make any of us melt in a matter of seconds. Enjoy!

Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 1 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 2 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 3 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 4 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 5 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 6 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 7 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 8 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 9 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 10 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 11 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 12 Doutzen Kroes VS swimwear 13

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