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Patrycja Farbis will turn you into a drooling zombie

Posted: 16 Aug 2011 10:22 AM PDT

I have absolutely no idea who Patrycja Farbis is, but… she’s Polish and, if you’re a big fan of Brosome, you probably know we have a thing for Polish hotties, right? I don’t know what’s up with that country, but over time we’ve featured many drop dead gorgeous Polish models on our site and it seems girls from this country are pretty damn sweet.

Patrycja Farbis (yeah, that’s her exact name, no typos there) is apparently just another ridiculously hot model from Poland trying to take over the modeling industry with her amazing little body and… she’s done the right thing to get our full and undivided attention: she recently posed in a bunch of really naughty lingerie pieces.

Hot damn, after gawking at these photos I don’t even know if I could find the right words to describe her. Everything about this peach is drool inducing, even her personality (just guessing). I liked her so much that I even visited her official site, which is in Polish, and couldn’t understand anything that’s written there. I guess they’re saying she’s freaking hot as well. I did find out that she’s 22 right now though.

Anyways, here’s Polish beauty Patrycja Farbis busting out her groovy curves in this brand spanking new naughty lingerie photoshoot for Axami. Enjoy the pics!

Patrycja Farbis Axami 1 Patrycja Farbis Axami 2 Patrycja Farbis Axami 3 Patrycja Farbis Axami 4 Patrycja Farbis Axami 5 Patrycja Farbis Axami 6 Patrycja Farbis Axami 7 Patrycja Farbis Axami 8 Patrycja Farbis Axami 9 Patrycja Farbis Axami 10 Patrycja Farbis Axami 11 Patrycja Farbis Axami 12 Patrycja Farbis Axami 13 Patrycja Farbis Axami 14 Patrycja Farbis Axami 15 Patrycja Farbis Axami 16 Patrycja Farbis Axami 17 Patrycja Farbis Axami 18 Patrycja Farbis Axami 19 Patrycja Farbis Axami 20 Patrycja Farbis Axami 21 Patrycja Farbis Axami 22 Patrycja Farbis Axami 23 Patrycja Farbis Axami 24 Patrycja Farbis Axami 25 Patrycja Farbis Axami 26 Patrycja Farbis Axami 27 Patrycja Farbis Axami 28 Patrycja Farbis Axami 29 Patrycja Farbis Axami 30 Patrycja Farbis Axami 31 Patrycja Farbis Axami 32 Patrycja Farbis Axami 33

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Mayra Suarez looking like a naughty little minx

Posted: 16 Aug 2011 09:27 AM PDT

I’m pretty sure most of you don’t have a clue who Mayra Suarez is and.. all I can tell you is that she’s a pretty awesome Mexican model who’s been in the business for almost a decade now even though she’s just 25 at the moment. Thanks to her kickass curves and amazing eyes, this peach has had her fair share of success and magazine covers in these last years and she modeled for some of the world’s top designers.

Here she is looking freakin’ stunning from head to toe for the newest collection of sexy lingerie from Macy’s. Oh boy, does she look sexy or what? This photoshoot just goes to show you how incredibly hot this peach is. She can steam up your lcd monitor whenever she shows off her lovely body in lingerie.

As you can easily see from these photos, Mayra Suarez has a perfect little body but what I like her eyes even more than her groovy curves. Enjoy, and make sure to remember this girl’s name!

Mayra Suarez Macys 1 Mayra Suarez Macys 2 Mayra Suarez Macys 3 Mayra Suarez Macys 4 Mayra Suarez Macys 5 Mayra Suarez Macys 6 Mayra Suarez Macys 7 Mayra Suarez Macys 8 Mayra Suarez Macys 9 Mayra Suarez Macys 10 Mayra Suarez Macys 11 Mayra Suarez Macys 12 Mayra Suarez Macys 13 Mayra Suarez Macys 14 Mayra Suarez Macys 15 Mayra Suarez Macys 16 Mayra Suarez Macys 17 Mayra Suarez Macys 18

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I dunno how they can glide like that with Balls that size

Posted: 16 Aug 2011 06:51 AM PDT

Good lord… Miranda Kerr is so darn cute it’s insane

Posted: 16 Aug 2011 06:35 AM PDT

Gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t posted these brand spanking new photos from Victoria’s Secret featuring the scorching hot Miranda Kerr on our site either. She’s showed off her lovely little body in skimpy lingerie and swimwear as well lately and all we’ve posted with her was this somewhat hot photoshoot for David Jones.

But now we’re back with a massive gallery with all we’ve mentioned earlier: bikinis, lingerie and… Miranda Kerr. So, here’s the always uber cute, and one of the hottest women in the entire world, Miranda Kerr, prancing around in said bikinis and lingerie for Victoria’s Secret and looking totally drop dead sexy while doing so!

Sweet Christmas… now if these photos don’t convince you that she has one of the sexiest/most perfect bodies right now, as well as being the cutest peach on the planet, well then… I’m sorry to say but you’re probably suffering from blindness. In which case you’re probably not even reading this, I guess.

Miranda Kerr VS new 1 Miranda Kerr VS new 2 Miranda Kerr VS new 3 Miranda Kerr VS new 4 Miranda Kerr VS new 5 Miranda Kerr VS new 6 Miranda Kerr VS new 7 Miranda Kerr VS new 8 Miranda Kerr VS new 9 Miranda Kerr VS new 10 Miranda Kerr VS new 11 Miranda Kerr VS new 12 Miranda Kerr VS new 13 Miranda Kerr VS new 14 Miranda Kerr VS new 15 Miranda Kerr VS new 16 Miranda Kerr VS new 17 Miranda Kerr VS new 18 Miranda Kerr VS new 19 Miranda Kerr VS new 20 Miranda Kerr VS new 21 Miranda Kerr VS new 22 Miranda Kerr VS new 23 Miranda Kerr VS new 24 Miranda Kerr VS new 25 Miranda Kerr VS new 26 Miranda Kerr VS new 27 Miranda Kerr VS new 28 Miranda Kerr VS new 29

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Halle Berry brings the daily buzz

Posted: 16 Aug 2011 02:15 AM PDT

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