Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tania Vazquez and her uber perfect body is a must see

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:24 PM PDT

Gosh, I can’t remember exactly when was the last time we’ve featured a drop dead gorgeous hottie from the Mexican mens magazine Hombre on our site, I just know that I’ve always liked these guys because a) they always feature amazing latinas we’ve never heard of and b) they publish a ton of photos with those girls, just enough for a great gush-fest.

Now, they’ve done it again! Here’s Mexican hottie and proud owner of one of the most gorgeous bodies I’ve gawked at lately, Tania Vazquez, totally scorching up the pages of the newest issue of Hombre in an assortment of skimpy outfits, from sexy lingerie to bikinis.

Who’s Tania Vazquez, you ask? Well I’ve asked Google about this peach as well and apparently she’s a popular Mexican actress who does a bit of modeling from time to time as well. That’s all I have on her at the moment. And… this massive gallery of photos that will probably speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Tania Vazquez Hombre 1 Tania Vazquez Hombre 2 Tania Vazquez Hombre 3 Tania Vazquez Hombre 4 Tania Vazquez Hombre 5 Tania Vazquez Hombre 6 Tania Vazquez Hombre 7 Tania Vazquez Hombre 8 Tania Vazquez Hombre 9 Tania Vazquez Hombre 10 Tania Vazquez Hombre 11 Tania Vazquez Hombre 12 Tania Vazquez Hombre 13 Tania Vazquez Hombre 14 Tania Vazquez Hombre 15 Tania Vazquez Hombre 16 Tania Vazquez Hombre 17 Tania Vazquez Hombre 18 Tania Vazquez Hombre 19 Tania Vazquez Hombre 20 Tania Vazquez Hombre 21 Tania Vazquez Hombre 22 Tania Vazquez Hombre 23 Tania Vazquez Hombre 24 Tania Vazquez Hombre 25 Tania Vazquez Hombre 26 Tania Vazquez Hombre 27 Tania Vazquez Hombre 28

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Denise Milani sure knows how to be a major tease

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 07:25 AM PDT

Alright guys, get ready.. because what you’re about to see in this article will literally knock you off your chair!!! Here’s the bodacious Denise Milani showing off her incredibly fit and smoking hot body in this brand new themed photoshoot simply called “waiting”. I guess that’s exactly what she does when she’s waiting for me to get back home as soon as possible.

Now this my friends, is what I call a supernova of hotness. Not only Denise is ridiculously good looking, but she also knows how to show off her incredible curves and tease us with her rollercoaster body. Gosh, her body has more curves than a formula 1 circuit and after looking at these amazing photos, I’m sure you’d all want to inspect every inch of it.

Having said that, I’m going to stop this article right here and leave you guys enjoy the sexy photos with Denise Milani. I’m pretty sure some of you haven’t even bothered to read this text and went straight to the drooling part but I think I’d probably do the same thing…

Denise Milani Waiting 1 Denise Milani Waiting 2 Denise Milani Waiting 3 Denise Milani Waiting 4 Denise Milani Waiting 5 Denise Milani Waiting 6 Denise Milani Waiting 7 Denise Milani Waiting 8 Denise Milani Waiting 9 Denise Milani Waiting 10 Denise Milani Waiting 11 Denise Milani Waiting 12 Denise Milani Waiting 13 Denise Milani Waiting 14 Denise Milani Waiting 15 Denise Milani Waiting 16 Denise Milani Waiting 17 Denise Milani Waiting 18 Denise Milani Waiting 19 Denise Milani Waiting 20 Denise Milani Waiting 21 Denise Milani Waiting 22 Denise Milani Waiting 23 Denise Milani Waiting 24 Denise Milani Waiting 25 Denise Milani Waiting 26 Denise Milani Waiting 27 Denise Milani Waiting 28 Denise Milani Waiting 29 Denise Milani Waiting 30 Denise Milani Waiting 31 Denise Milani Waiting 32 Denise Milani Waiting 33 Denise Milani Waiting 34 Denise Milani Waiting 35 Denise Milani Waiting 36

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Ever wondered how a bully cat looks like?

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 06:53 AM PDT

Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima is back in skimpy lingerie

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 06:39 AM PDT

Here’s still one of the hottest girls on the planet, and one of the very few babes who totally knocks my socks off with every new batch of photos I have the privilege of drooling over, Adriana Lima, looking like the definition of hotness in this new lingerie photoshoot from Victoria’s Secret.

Now I’m sure we’ve all gushed over this peach like damn fools many, many times already, so I’m not going to go on about freaking sexy and perfect she still is. Gosh, she’s been around for the past ten years and even though I’ve seen probably thousands of photos with her, I still can’t get enough and wanna see more.

These photos are just another example of why Adriana Lima was, is and probably will still be in the next years, one of the sexiest women on the planet. So, without further ado, the thumbnails below are waiting your clicks and undivided attention. Enjoy!

Adriana Lima VS 1 Adriana Lima VS 2 Adriana Lima VS 3 Adriana Lima VS 4 Adriana Lima VS 5 Adriana Lima VS 6 Adriana Lima VS 7 Adriana Lima VS 8 Adriana Lima VS 9 Adriana Lima VS 10 Adriana Lima VS 11 Adriana Lima VS 12 Adriana Lima VS 13 Adriana Lima VS 14

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Shera Bechard is here with the daily links

Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:42 AM PDT

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