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Sigh… Kate Upton is so darn adorable, you’ll melt

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 03:32 PM PDT

Well it’s about damn time!!! Here’s Kate Upton, the blonde bombshell that turned us all into drooling zombies in just a couple of months, finally being back in our attention unleashing her uber sexiness in this brand spanking new bikini photoshoot for the newest collection from Beach Bunny. Wow, wow and wow!

Her Beach Bunny shoots look pretty much the same except the fact that she’s wearing different bikinis but, as you can see, Kate is looking as sultry and as sexy as ever in these photos! I’ve thought this girl was a cute and innocent girl when I’ve first had the privilege of drooling over her but these pics will vaporize any memory you had of her being innocent ’cause she’s doing a great job of convincing us all that she’s a drop dead sexy woman right now.

Gosh.. get a load of those bodacious curves! I can go on and on but I’ll let you guys get to the important part… and that’s clicking on the lovely thumbnails below. Enjoy!

Kate Upton Beach Bunny 1 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 2 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 3 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 4 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 5 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 6 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 7 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 8 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 9 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 10 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 11 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 12 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 13 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 14 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 15 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 16 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 17 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 18 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 19 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 20 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 21 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 22 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 23 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 24 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 25 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 26 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 27 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 28 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 29 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 30 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 31 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 32 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 33 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 34 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 35 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 36 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 37 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 38 Kate Upton Beach Bunny 39

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The Lovely Ladies of the 2011 Miss Universe

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 03:04 PM PDT

I’m pretty sure you most guys consider beauty pageants pretty damn boring and.. that’s exactly what I think about ‘em as well. Dull outfits, boring interviews and a show that’s probably best used as a sleeping pill. The only part interesting of any beauty pageant is when the girls get to walk on the runway in either lingerie or bikinis.

And.. I don’t have a clue how they pick winners either because girls we all consider HOT rarely get to be beauty pageant winners. At this year’s Miss Universe girls representing 89 countries arrived in Brazil to win the crown of “Miss Universe” and the lucky winner was Miss Angola – Leila Lopes.

I liked other girls a lot more than her, especially Alyssa Campanella, but I’m sure most of you guys will love other girls from these photos. So.. sit back, relax, and enjoy this gallery with the lovely ladies from the 2011 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Miss Angola 2011, Leila Lopes

Miss Albania 2011, Xhesika Berberi

Miss Argentina 2011, Natalia Rodriguez

Miss Aruba 2011, Gillain Berry

Miss Australia 2011, Scherri-Lee Biggs

Miss Bahamas 2011, Anastagia Pierre

Miss Belgium 2011, Justine De Jonckheere

Miss Bolivia 2011, Olivia Pinheiro

Miss Botswana 2011, Larona Motlatsi Kgabo

Miss Brazil 2011, Priscila Machado

Miss British Virgin Islands 2011, Sheroma Hodge

Miss Canada 2011, Chelsae Durocher

Miss Cayman Islands 2011, Cristin Alexander

Miss Chile 2011, Vanessa Ceruti

Miss China 2011, ZiLin Luo

Miss Colombia 2011, Catalina Robayo

Miss Costa Rica 2011, Johanna Solano

Miss Croatia 2011, Natalija Prica

Miss Curacao 2011, Eva Van Putten

Miss Cyprus 2011, Andriani Karantoni

Miss Czech Republic 2011, Jitka Novackova

Miss Denmark 2011, Sandra Amer

Miss Dominican Republic 2011, Dalia Caritina Fernandez

Miss Ecuador 2011, Claudia Schiess

Miss Egypt 2011, Sara El Khouly

Miss El Salvador 2011, Mayra Aldana

Miss Estonia 2011, Madli Vilsar

Miss Finland 2011, Pia Pakarinen

Miss France 2011, Laury Thilleman

Miss Georgia 2011, Eka Gurtskaia

Miss Germany 2011, Valeria Bystritskaia

Miss Ghana 2011, Yayra Nego

Miss Great Britain 2011, Chloe-Beth Morgan

Miss Greece 2011, Iliana Papageorgiou

Miss Guam 2011, Shayna Jo Afaisen

Miss Guatemala 2011, Alejandra Barillas Solis

Miss Guyana 2011, Kara Lord

Miss Haiti 2011, Anedie Azael

Miss Honduras 2011, Keilyn Gomez

Miss Hungary 2011, Betta Lipcsei

Miss India 2011, Vasuki Sunkavalli

Miss Indonesia 2011, Nadine Alexandra

Miss Ireland 2011, Aoife Hannon

Miss Israel 2011, Kim Edri

Miss Italy 2011, Elisa Torrini

Miss Jamaica 2011, Shakira Martin

Miss Japan 2011, Maria Kamiyama

Miss Kazakhstan 2011, Valeriya Aleinikova

Miss Korea 2011, Sora Chong

Miss Kosovo 2011, Aferdita Dreshaj

Miss Lebanon 2011, Yara El Khoury-Mikhael

Miss Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry

Miss Mauritius 2011, Laetitia Darche

Miss Mexico 2011, Karin Ontiveros

Miss Montenegro 2011, Nikolina Loncar

Miss Netherlands 2011, Kelly Weekers

Miss New Zealand 2011, Priyani Puketapu

Miss Nicaragua 2011, Adriana Dom

Miss Nigeria 2011, Sophie Gemal

Miss Panama 2011, Sheldry Saez

Miss Paraguay 2011, Alba Riquelme

Miss Peru 2011, Natalie Vertiz

Miss Philippines 2011, Shamcey Supsup

Miss Poland 2011, Rozalia Mancewicz

Miss Portugal 2011, Laura Goncalves

Miss Puerto Rico 2011, Viviana Ortiz

Miss Romania 2011, Larisa Popa

Miss Russia 2011, Natalia Gantimurova

Miss Serbia 2011, Anja Saranovic

Miss Singapore 2011, Valerie Lim Shu Xian

Miss Slovak Republic 2011, Dagmar Kolesarova

Miss Slovenia 2011, Ema Jagodic

Miss South Africa 2011, Bokang Montjane

Miss Spain 2011, Paula Guillo

Miss Sri Lanka 2011, Stephanie Siriwardhana

Miss St. Lucia 2011, Joy-Ann Biscette

Miss Sweden 2011, Ronnia Fornstedt

Miss Switzerland 2011, Kerstin Cook

Miss Tanzania 2011, Nelly Kamwelu

Miss Thailand 2011, Chanyasorn Sakorchan

Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2011, Gabrielle Walcott

Miss Turkey 2011, Melisa Asli Pamuk

Miss Turks & Caicos 2011, Easher Parker

Miss U.S. Virgin Islands 2011, Alexandrya Evans

Miss Ukraine 2011, Olesia Stefanko

Miss Uruguay 2011, Fernanda Semino

Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella

Miss Venezuela 2011, Vanessa Goncalves

Miss Vietnam 2011, Hoang My Vu

[via AcidCow]

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What am I doing with my life that I am not doing this?

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 11:53 AM PDT

The red-hot Poppy Montgomery will make you squirm

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 11:32 AM PDT

Now I’m not really sure who Poppy Montgomery is but she’s without a doubt my new favorite redhead after drooling over these brand spanking new photos for Esquire’s Me In Place campaign. Gosh.. if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make me giddy, it’s a new Me In Place photoshoot.

After a quick google search, I’ve found out that Poppy (I keep smiling when I read her name) is apparently an Aussie hotness who’s also an actress and it’s going to star in the new CBS tv series Unforgettable. Since I dig this peach a lot from these photos I’ll probably be in front of my TV one day to watch her on screen even though that’s apparently a boring drama series.

Anywaays, here she is looking totally red hot, and more importantly, showing off her groovy little body while she gives us a little tour of her place. I’ve also found out that she has a kid so that means that she’s not only red-hot, but she’s a red-hot milf as well. Enjoy!

Poppy Montgomery Esquire 1 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 2 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 3 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 4 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 5 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 6 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 7 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 8 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 9 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 10 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 11 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 12 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 13 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 14 Poppy Montgomery Esquire 15


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Jaslene Gonzalez is here with the best links of the day

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 08:25 AM PDT

Jaslene Gonzalez won cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model back in 2007 [DJMick]
Oh yeah, Jessica Aedo Should Definitely Be On Your Radar Of Hotness [Caveman]
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British model Christine Martin got topless in a recent spread for Loaded [GCeleb]

A drool inducing gallery of Diora Baird will make your day better [ExtraMustard]
Kandi Kay is a sexy web-cam chick who deserves your full attention [FListed]
You have to check out these Bar Refaeli VS Magazine outtakes by Dusan Reljin [PHS]
Yvonne Strahovski shows off her aqua bra in a photoshoot for Esquire [TeaseTDW]

Sexy Girls of Oktoberfest. The Babes, Boobs, and Beer of Oktoberfest [Gunaxin]
Wow, Polly Parsons is the new brunette bombshell from The Real Hustle [FHM]
Diora Baird Is Rob Ryan's Play Chart Model and maybe his secret crush [Busted]
Here are over 100 Hot Pics of Nicky Fleites for your viewing pleasure [Moondog]

30 Hottest Roommate (and Housemate) Combinations in TV and Movies [Brobible]
Katie Cassidy is the kind of girl that will make your girlfriend very jealous [Spewf]
Awesome: Get Off The Computer, Get Outside, And Break Some Bones! [Survivingu]
Tashie Jackson Goes From 'Big Brother' To Hoy & Racy Photoshoots [DonChavez]

20 Examples of Guys Filling Up The Spank Bank with quality images [Regretful]
Sofia Vergara 'Busts' Out for Vanity Fair. Looks freaking hot in the process [COED]
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We’ll end with 20 Uniquely Awesome Date Ideas for your future date [NedHardy]

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Top 10 Jewish Hotties In Hollywood

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 04:52 PM PDT

Written by our friend Jonathan Burda from SurivivingU.

The "Chosen Ones" have given us bagels and A-bombs. Seinfeld and Larry David. They've made us laugh and the Palestinians relocate. However, over the past few years it's been their women that have left the most vivid impressions on our minds. From Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis to Gwyneth Paltrow and Bar Refaeli.

They have come out of nowhere to give Brazilian girls a run for their money as the hottest group of women in the world.

Here are the Top 10 Jewish Hotties In Hollywood:

10. Natalie Portman

Sure she might have the body of a malnourished Ethiopian schoolboy but that face makes up for everything her frail vegetarian body lacks. Absolute perfection. On top of that she's a Harvard grad. Brains, beauty, and wealth. Kryptonite of every guy out there. That's why she's ranked so low.
Must watch: Garden State. Forget her nakedness in Your Highness and Closer. Watch Garden State and truly fall in love.

9. Elizabeth Banks

Pale skin. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. Sexiest voice in Hollywood. Can play comedic just as easily as dramatic roles. What's there not to love?
Must watch: Zack and Miri Make A Porno. OK, so it's not a cinematic masterpiece but it does have its moments. And Elizabeth is hot as ever in it. Or, 30 Rock season 5. Can never go wrong with 30 Rock.

8. Alison Brie

The relative newcomer who's schoolgirl sexiness and comedic timing has transformed Community into one of the best shows on TV (no matter how hard Joel McHale tries to ruin it). The type of girl you imagine settling down with in high school (before porn completely corrupts your idea of love).
Must watch: The aforementioned Community. Steals scenes on a weekly basis.

7. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Most of us got introduced to Emmanuelle through one of the greatest shows ever, Entourage (at least the first 3 seasons were great). And amongst all the hot ass that has come and gone through the duration of the show, she's somehow managed to stick around all the way till the end, which speaks volumes about her beauty.
Must watch: After Sex. She shows titties!

6. Emmy Rossum

Fell in love with her during Day After Tomorrow and she's had a firm grasp on my penis ever since. Emmy has the body of a dancer, the voice of a classically trained singer, and the breasteses of a college coed.
Must watch: Shameless (TV show). Not only is this a great fucking show but it seems that she goes out of her way to take off her clothes every episode. Titties everywhere!

5. Esti Ginzburg

She's one for the future. Well… she's also one for the present, having appeared in 3 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues (2009-11), as well as in Chase Crawford's starring vehicle, Twelve.
Must watch: Twelve, by default. The movie's horrendous. 50 Cent's in it so I don't need to say more, but Esti definitely stands out as the brightest spot in an otherwise shit-show.

4. Mila Kunis

It's hard to decide if Mila is the perfect girl-next-door with her petite frame and long brown hair, or if she's a vixen in disguise with her big, light, seductive, eyes and sultry voice. Either way, bitch be workin' it.
Must watch: After Sex, in which she' finger-bangs Zoe Saldana.

3. Brooke Burke

She's like the Jewish Denise Richards, just keeps getting better and better with age. Brooke will look good in a skirt well into her 60s. Which is one of the reasons she's ranked so high, she has longevity. That and she's hosted probably the single greatest male TV show ever, Wild On! If you still think that she's ranked too high here's a little statistic for you, she's 40, has 4 kids, and still looks better in a bikini than your girlfriend in college did.
Must Watch: Wild On! Party with Brooke and the sexiest, sluttiest girls, in the most exotic locales around the world.

2. Rachel Bilson

I don't know what the Jews (is that a racial slur?) put in their water but man do they produce some unbelievable girl-next-door types. And Summer Roberts aka Rachel Bilson is at the top of the list. She would have been number one if guys actually preferred the girl-next-door types over the drop-dead-gorgeous ones, like we like to tell women we do.
Must watch: The OC. Her character on the show personifies what a girlfriend should be. Gorgeous. Into comic books. And filthy rich.

1. Bar Refaeli

What's there to say? When you close your eyes and picture perfection at the age of 7. You picture her. When you do it at 18. It's still her. And 47. Still the same old Bar. She's not only the Hottest Jewish Girl in the world. She's the hottest girl period. She looks flawless in everything she puts on, and especially in everything she takes off.
Must watch: Anything and everything she's ever done.

Honourable mention: Scarlett Johansson.

If I didn't see her naked ass recently I wouldn't have even included her here as an after thought. The girl's been overrated since she's popped onto the scene. She does have nice individual features. Full lips. Buxom titties. Big green eyes. Curvaceous ass. But they just don't seem to gel together like one would assume. Just like the Miami Heat. Having seen her naked recently though, she get's an honourable mention. Her body's alright in my books.

Visit survivingu.com for the latest university debauchery and follow Jonathan @JonathanBurda

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