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Kids and booze is a wicked combination!

Posted: 11 Oct 2011 10:55 AM PDT

Babies are probably the solution for everything. If they're not yours, of course. If you want to have a good time, hang out with a group of babies. If you want to pick up girls, go out with a baby. Not only do they attract girls like a freaking magnet, but they also know how to party from a very early age

So today we've decided to gather a gallery with kids being totally awesome, drinking booze, passing out with booze near them and so on. That kind of pictures. Of course, most of these kids haven’t drank anything but still.. seeing these funny little bastards with a couple of beer bottles near them is a great combination that will surely put a smile on your face today. Enjoy!

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Brazilian hottie Fernanda Peres will rock your world

Posted: 11 Oct 2011 09:57 AM PDT

On a cold, grey, rainy day like today (well, at least here it is), only a couple of photos of Fernanda Peres in a variety of sexy bikinis can warm things up.. Wait, who is she, you ask? She’s just another Brazilian model you’ve probably never heard of, with the just right looks to make you remember her name from now on.

Here she is showing off her lovely Brazilian supermodel curves in said bikinis for the newest collection of swimwear from Itiz in a couple of wonderful, wallpaper-worthy photos. I don’t even know what to say about this peach.. she has killer eyes, a sexy little body and just oozes sexy appeal.

And she definitely gets bonus points for how drop dead gorgeous she looks in a bikini. And if these photos won’t induce drooling, then… nothing will. Enjoy!

Fernanda Peres swimwear 1 Fernanda Peres swimwear 2 Fernanda Peres swimwear 3 Fernanda Peres swimwear 4 Fernanda Peres swimwear 5 Fernanda Peres swimwear 6 Fernanda Peres swimwear 7 Fernanda Peres swimwear 8 Fernanda Peres swimwear 9 Fernanda Peres swimwear 10 Fernanda Peres swimwear 11 Fernanda Peres swimwear 12 Fernanda Peres swimwear 13 Fernanda Peres swimwear 14 Fernanda Peres swimwear 15 Fernanda Peres swimwear 16 Fernanda Peres swimwear 17 Fernanda Peres swimwear 18 Fernanda Peres swimwear 19 Fernanda Peres swimwear 20 Fernanda Peres swimwear 21 Fernanda Peres swimwear 22 Fernanda Peres swimwear 23 Fernanda Peres swimwear 24 Fernanda Peres swimwear 25 Fernanda Peres swimwear 26 Fernanda Peres swimwear 27 Fernanda Peres swimwear 28 Fernanda Peres swimwear 29 Fernanda Peres swimwear 30 Fernanda Peres swimwear 31 Fernanda Peres swimwear 32 Fernanda Peres swimwear 33

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This is how you get knocked out by an antelope

Posted: 11 Oct 2011 08:53 AM PDT

Katarina Ivanovska is easily my new favorite model

Posted: 11 Oct 2011 08:40 AM PDT

I know you guys love it when we kick off the day with a drool inducing lingerie photoshoot from Victoria’s Secret and.. guess what? that’s exactly what we’re going to do today as well. But not with one of those drop dead sexy angels, but with a new model who goes by the name Katarina Ivanovska and looks like a supernova of hotness.

Whoa, I don’t know too many things about this peach and this is actually the first time we’re featuring her in here but she’s ridiculously sexy. From what I’ve found out, she’s a Macedonian model who’s quickly starting to take over the world with her lovely little body and this new VS photoshoot is one of her biggest achievements yet.

As you can see by gawking at any of these photos, she has the tush, the legs, the boobs, the looks, the naughty factor, the tush.. oh wait, I’ve already said that. Well, there’s a reason for that (’cause it’s freaking hot, just like the rest of her body). So, enjoy the photos of Katarina Ivanovska modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret for probably the first time, first of many, we hope.

Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 1 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 2 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 3 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 4 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 5 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 6 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 7 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 8 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 9 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 10 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 11 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 12 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 13 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 14 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 15 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 16 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 17 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 18 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 19 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 20 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 21 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 22 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 23 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 24 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 25 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 26 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 27 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 28 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 29 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 30 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 31 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 32 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 33 Katarina Ivanovska VS Lingerie 34

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Amber Heard’s cleavage delivers the daily buzz

Posted: 11 Oct 2011 01:06 AM PDT

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