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Rachel Bernstein gives new meaning to.. naughty

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 01:45 PM PDT

Now here’s a girl you’ve probably never heard of, a blonde bombshell who goes by the name Rachel Bernstein and looks ridiculously hot in lingerie. This was just the first time I got to see a bunch of photos with this peach and I was so impressed that I even googled her name for more.

Apparently she’s been modeling for quite some time now and in these last years she was featured in many lingerie and swimwear catalogues, ads and even a couple of magazines as well. I know it’s a crime we haven’t featured her until this day on our website but.. these photos will surely make up for lost time.

So.. here’s Rachel Bernstein unleashing her hotness in this wicked photoshoot for J.Valentine in a couple of sexy outfits that will drop your jaw straight to the floor. Hot damn, get a load of those groovy curves! We’ll keep an eye on this peach and if there are any new photoshoots with her we’ll surely post them here. Cheers.

Rachel Bernstein 1 Rachel Bernstein 2 Rachel Bernstein 3 Rachel Bernstein 4 Rachel Bernstein 5 Rachel Bernstein 6 Rachel Bernstein 7 Rachel Bernstein 8 Rachel Bernstein 9 Rachel Bernstein 10 Rachel Bernstein 11 Rachel Bernstein 12 Rachel Bernstein 13

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Scumbag penguin, stealing stones like a boss

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 01:17 PM PDT

Gracie Carvalho’s sexy little body is out of this world

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 01:09 PM PDT

Gosh, I can’t remember exactly when was the last time we’ve featured this Brazilian bombshell on our site but what I do know is that I’ve missed gushing over her perfect little body A LOT. She’s been under the radar in these last months but now she’s finally back to do what she does best.. and that’s looking like the definition of hotness in a brand new photoshoot.

So… Here’s the adorably hot Gracie Carvalho posing in a variety of skimpy outfits (lingerie, swimwear and more) for Next’s new collection and looking uber cute in the process. Sigh, can this peach look any sweeter?  Seriously, every single time I see her she looks so freaking sweet that I almost lick my laptop’s screen trying to taste her.

She’s also showing off her mile-long legs and crazy cleavage in these photos and gives us a kinky “hey there” look to the camera. Now that’s drop dead sexy and with that said.. I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys to the clickin’ and drooling part. Enjoy!

Gracie Carvalho Next 1 Gracie Carvalho Next 2 Gracie Carvalho Next 3 Gracie Carvalho Next 4 Gracie Carvalho Next 5 Gracie Carvalho Next 6 Gracie Carvalho Next 7 Gracie Carvalho Next 8 Gracie Carvalho Next 9 Gracie Carvalho Next 10 Gracie Carvalho Next 11 Gracie Carvalho Next 12 Gracie Carvalho Next 13 Gracie Carvalho Next 14 Gracie Carvalho Next 15 Gracie Carvalho Next 16 Gracie Carvalho Next 17 Gracie Carvalho Next 18 Gracie Carvalho Next 19 Gracie Carvalho Next 20 Gracie Carvalho Next 21 Gracie Carvalho Next 22 Gracie Carvalho Next 23 Gracie Carvalho Next 24 Gracie Carvalho Next 25 Gracie Carvalho Next 26 Gracie Carvalho Next 27 Gracie Carvalho Next 28 Gracie Carvalho Next 29 Gracie Carvalho Next 30 Gracie Carvalho Next 31 Gracie Carvalho Next 32 Gracie Carvalho Next 33 Gracie Carvalho Next 34 Gracie Carvalho Next 35 Gracie Carvalho Next 36 Gracie Carvalho Next 37 Gracie Carvalho Next 38 Gracie Carvalho Next 39 Gracie Carvalho Next 40 Gracie Carvalho Next 41 Gracie Carvalho Next 42

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Genevieve Morton brings the best links of the day

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:57 AM PDT

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Adam Carolla Becomes Adam Versa

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:55 AM PDT

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